About us

"We address the triggers NOT just treat the symptoms"

Finally New Zealanders can experience relief from their skin conditions thanks to 'ground breaking' treatments now being offered through The Psoriasis & Skin Clinic.

The Psoriasis & Skin Clinic is part of a large chain of clinics started more than 15 years ago by the very the successful and esteemed Australian medical researcher, Dr Michael Tirant, who began researching psoriasis and other skin conditions more than 25 years ago. To date the Psoriasis & Skin Clinics have SUCCESSFULLY TREATED MORE THAN 100,000 PATIENTS with protocols and natural products that he has developed.

The ‘Psoriasis & Skin Clinics’ have achieved outstanding results and Dr Tirant’s Treatment Protocols have been extensively independently Clinically Trialed in Europe, please visit the Head Office website www.psoriasis.com.au to read the reports of these clinical trials.

At New Zealand’s first Psoriasis & Skin Clinic here in Auckland, we are devoted in using Michael Tirant’s Treatment Protocols in assisting you to achieve remission for your skin condition.
“We address the TRIGGERS, not just Treat the SYMPTOMS”

At The Psoriasis & Skin Clinic we treat Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriatic Arthritis, etc.