Para Psoriasis en Plaques

PARAPSORIASIS EN PLAQUES or Chronic Superficial Dermatitis

There are two types:-

Small Plaque ( Digitative Dermatosis)

  • Lesions < 5cm in diameter. Yellowish or light tan in colour. The patches or plaques are clearly defined and covered with a fine layer of scale. The lesions are small and finger shaped.

Large Plaque
  • Lesions > 10cm in diameter. Salmon pink or light red-brown in colour. They are large and tend to be round or oval in shape. Unlike plaque psoriasis or psoriasis annularis there is little or no flaking or thickening of the skin. The lesion is also flatter.

The condition is most commonly referred to as chronic superficial dermatitis.

It affects more males than females and usually presents in middle aged patients:-