The following are a selection of letters, emails received over several years from patients who have been successfully treated for psoriasis, eczema and other skin disorders using Michael Tirant’s treatment protocols and products. In no way have these comments been paid for nor have they been altered or changed in anyway. Any reference made by the patient to:- "cure, miracles or "Dr Irene or Dr Shirley" etc" are the patients own subjective comments and are not based on any statements or warranties made by The Psoriasis and Skin Clinic or any of its employees. New Zealand Testimonials. The New Zealand branch of Psoriasis & Skin Clinic has been open since 31st March 08 and has already amassed an incredible number of success stories. Detailed below are some of our testimonials with many more being promised to us everyday.


We are asked continuously 'Is food important? Answer is 'YES'. Chronic skin problems must be fixed from the inside, meaning the RIGHT FOOD and the RIGHT MEDICINE. (one without the other generally doesn't work, in other words a person cannot simply change their eating habits and get rid of a skin problem) Over 25 years, we have found that many foods and drinks act as triggers that exacerbate and make a skin condition worse. For this reason, we have developed a very comprehensive 'eating guide', that helps to maintain clear skin once our natural medicine is no longer required.


Follow-up testimonial from Mae Rapley.

It is now sixteen months since I had my first contact with the Psoriasis and Skin Clinic in Auckland. It was the best thing I have ever done in the battle to control my psoriasis. I have learnt so much and now live life without the constant worry of whether people can see the psoriasis on my skin. I shop for clothes now without taking in to consideration the length of sleeves, skirts etc. simply because my skin is clear of psoriasis. I can hardly believe it, as I have battled for over forty years to find the answer to controlling the crippling effects of psoriasis, and for me I found the answer. If anyone is in the place I used to be, believe me going to the clinic could well take you to where I am now, living a life feeling so free, it's amazing and wonderful. Mae Rapley, Hastings, Hawkes Bay.


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To whom it may concern,

“My skin story; I had been using a combination of a home bought UV light ($7,000... ouch) and Neotigason (Acitretin) for a few years. I would go through a standard pattern.. my skin would get bad to the point where I wanted to do something about it. Typically i would get patches pretty much all over, legs, arms, chest, in my hair... nails. Pretty much everywhere and pretty nasty as you know. I found it very upsetting and although never actually got 'depressed' the idea of having to live with it all my life, or even scarier, it getting worse, scared the c**p out of me. So I would go through these cycles, a course of UV and Neo.... gets better... then enjoy the results.

But gradually it always comes back. Just a few spots here, a few spots there. Then a few more, they get bigger - you know the picture. I started getting concerned re. the side effects of these treatments tho, namely liver and kidneys for the Neo, and melanoma for the UV. So I started looking around for alternatives. There are thousands, and I think probably <1% are genuine. Psoriasis is a nasty, insidious disease which makes people spend an awful lot of money on 'snake oil' and quick fixes, and you have to be really careful. So I tried hypnotherapy, acupuncture, Rakhi, gluten free diets, dairy free diets, the list goes on. None really helped. But what started to change was I started to really think and listen to my body.. sounds silly, but I was trying to understand what it was underneath, that was making the P appear. I believe that P is not just a skin disease, but that the rash is just the end symptom in a long cascade of events that is going on in your body.. these start at a genetic level, but then migrate through the immune system, liver and eventually the skin.

Modern medicine simply paints over the cracks. Acitretin pumps the skin with Vit A but does not address the underlying factors. Same with UV, it simply hides the problem, it does not change the underlying chemical and systemwide imbalances. I had known this for some time (as may you!) but there is simply no alternative to these drugs in the Western Medicine world... the Dr's just hand out higher and higher doses of drugs. Then by chance I came across an advert in the paper, for a skin clinic in Auckland. Initially my thoughts were.... "yeh bo**ocks". But I was at that point where I wanted to give anything a go. So I called up. This clinic argues, that a major factor in the sustained appearance of P in genetically susceptible people is that our diets are too ACIDIC. All the things that modern western society eats... bread, beer, red meats, rich spices, fats, chocolate, refined sugar, crisps, biscuits, yeast, cream etc etc are all highly acidic. People without P often do not notice too much issue, but a lot of the time it comes out in other ways, depression, agitation, stress, nasty itchy rashes like thrush, the list goes on.

This diet works by making your body more ALKALINE. Sounds too simple. But.... it has worked for me. There are also creams and medicines that they give you (not cheap.... but worth it). I started the diet in June 2009. 100% strict. No alcohol. No wheat. No sugar. Super, crazy strict. It was very hard at first. I would go to the supermarket or cafe and not see a single thing I could eat. Very hard. For 2 months nothing happened. At all. Apparently a lot of people give up here. But I was getting desperate, so I kept going, and ... slowly, I noticed a change. The patches we getting lighter in colour. Then my brother came out in September and I got pissed and drank beer. It got bad again. So, back on the diet. And again my skin started to improve. Now patches were breaking up. Bear in mind I was taking Neotig the whole time, but now I started to ween myself off it. Very imported on Neo or Acitretin that you do NOT just stop... I spent 3 months reducing the dose. And my skin kept improving.

By November it was almost clear... I went for my first swim this year! I am now 99% clear, the best I have been in 15 years by a mile. Better than after intense courses of drugs and UV. So for now things are good, and stable. I have been able to relax the diet to the point where I can have the odd burger, drink wine, and I am okay. It also gets much, much easier to shop and eat. You learn what you can have. My wife was good enough to come on the diet too, and we now have plenty of meals we can cook up. I also concentrate on drinking lots of water and eating lots of greens, broccoli, spinach, green beans, etc. I regard silverbeet as a ‘good’ drug now! It IS hard work, but it is so worth it, and after a while you really don't mind. I can also drink alcohol now in moderation, white wine, cider, it's all good. Just beer and red wine are no-no's. And that's about it.

I am now enjoying being drug free, UV free, wearing shorts and T-shirts, swimming, just being a regular fella. I would not hesitate to give this a go. I would be happy to discuss my story on the phone or personal email, just ask Lindsay for the details. PS: As a side note.. the eating guide also gives you loads of energy, and makes you loose weight... score!

Regards S.Tavener - Queenstown

* Simon has offered himself as a verbal referee, if you would like to talk to Simon (or send an e-mail)asking more about about his experience, then e-mail us and we will forward you his contact details to you


Hello Lindsay/Team,
My skin looks an absolute dream- arms completely healed. Legs not far off healed, and body areas making good progress! My son remarked the other day, “Mum I don’t recognize your arms!’ The pain is gone, all over my skin is smooth , and amazingly I am relieved of the wretched agony I have had for 35 years! My gratitude to your programme and your help and assistance is indescribable Thank you for changing my life

Anne from Tinwald Asburton
February 2011


To whom it may concern,
I am a 37 year old male who has lived with Psoriasis since I was 15. Like others, my condition wasn’t chronic, just bad enough for me to be self conscious when wearing shorts. It also meant I rarely took my shirt off. Through the last 22 years, I’ve tried every medicine out there including UV treatment. None of it really worked – or lasted. I must confess, when I first received the diet plan from the clinic, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to survive without my fizzy drinks, chocolate, spicy food and beer. After 2 weeks I was adamant that I wouldn’t be able to keep up the diet. The improvement in my skin however (which I’d class as almost miraculous) forced me to persevere. I’m now at 14 weeks and the diet is just a part of my lifestyle. Given the choice, I’d always choose clear skin over pigging out on bad food. I can’t thank Lindsay and the team at the clinic enough for the improvement in my skin. My confidence has sky rocketed, I happily cruise around in shorts and I’m looking forward to summer!

Michael Jones Hamilton
November 2010


To whom it may concern,
I am keen to inform you that I have seen such a vast improvement in my skin since I have been using your products. I was amazed that it actually has cleared nearly all the psoriasis I had on my back, ( which was particularly badly affected) and my arms. My hands also which were very sore, red, swollen and badly peeling, have now completely healed. This I am pleased to say, is due to your guidance in diet dos and don'ts, your marvellous cream, cleansing gel, tablets and the liquid taken internally.

The combination of all of these has given me relief from the awful scratching and irritation I felt when the psoraisis was at it's worst. Although I still have 3 or 4 red patches on my legs, I feel that these are also getting better by the day. My feet are greatly improved also. Both feet were swollen and red, and I could not bear any shoes on, as it was painful to walk. I can walk as normal now, but there is still one foot that will take a little more time I feel. I am sure it will not be too long before it is completely healed, as I continue to use your advise and products. I appreciate very much, that clinics such as yours are able to provide expert and much needed information to psoriasis sufferers, and successfully treat this awful skin condition.

You can see from the photos sent firstly to you,when it was raging, and the ones sent to you yesterday, just how your therapy has worked. I am very grateful, and thank you sincerely.

Regards Desmond Sewell
August 10


To Whom it May Concern,
Neotigisan, Methotrexate, Nezora, steroid based creams and a host of other pharmaceutical medicines are a few things I have tried to clear up my psoriasis, which I've had for about 15 years. Add to this my GP visits, Specialist Doctors visits, Homeopathy, On-line remedies and appling de-stressing methods.... I've tried them all and spent a suitcase full of money trying to rid myself of this curse! I've felt the heartache, the embarrassment, the frustration and the pain of having psoriasis covering 80-90% of my body.

I was covered with thick, scaley, red and aggressive psoriasis that educated people in the health field couldn't provide me with a reason as to why I had it, what caused it and what can rid me of it. I was resigned to the fact that as a 40 year old, I was going to be stuck with this condition for life. It wasn't until I read an advert in the paper for the Psoriasis and Skin Clinic that I decided to have a look at their website, after all.... what did I have to lose? After reading about the clinic and doing a bit of 'homework' regarding the authenticity and reputation of the clinic, I made contact with their friendly staff. I had a phone consultation and stuck religiously to the eating and natural medicines plan that they gave me.

Within 6-8 weeks my psoriasis went from cover 80-90% of my body to 5-10%. And the added bonus was that I lost 8-10kgs in the process - and I have the photos to prove i!. I feel so much better about myself. I don't have to wear baggy long sleeve clothing and a beanie. My self confidence is back and I'm feeling better about being in public. I can even go swimming with my children now!.... I encourage anyone with psoriasis to investigate the Psoriasis clinic and try their healthy natural methods... It could change you life.

Terry Moore - Policeman
Kapiti Coast May 2010

* Terry has offered himself as a verbal referee, if you would like to talk to Terry about his experience, then e-mail us and we will forward you his contact details


To whom it may concern,
It is with much appreciation and gratitude I write this testimonial to the psoriasis and skin clinic. Dr Tirant for his research into a cure for Psoriasis. I am a 55 year old woman who until 18 months ago had perfect skin. Within 6 months my legs stomach, lower back, elbows were covered in Psoriasis. Horrible thick scaly bleeding and very itchy patches. I tried all avenues to find a cure, useless creams steroids, pills wraps all of which were prescribed to me by a dermatologist who told me I was stuck with this for life.

By chance my husband seen an add in the Sunday paper for the Psoriasis and skin clinic in Auckland. Little did I know that would be the turning point for me. The next morning I phoned the clinic for an appointment expecting to wait several weeks to get one. Much to my surprise I was told this could all be done over the phone or via email. This was great it meant I could start on with my treatment quickly and would save me the costs of flying to Auckland. After a little paper work I had my consultation with Shirley the next evening, and then I started this amazing treatment. I followed the diet and treatment religiously and noticed a difference in my skin in the first two weeks. I’ve been on the programme for 4 months and my skin has steadily progressed.

I’m now 95% clear and my skin still continues to improve. I still follow the diet strictly, still using the external creams and I still take the herbal pills. I’ve made many phone calls and emailed photos of my improving skin to the clinic and I would like to thank DR Shirley and her team at the clinic for all their support and encouragement.

Thank you so much,
Carolyn South Island April 09

* Carolyn has offered herself as a verbal referee, if you would like to talk to Carolyn about her experience, then e-mail us and we will forward you her contact details


To whom it may concern,
Probably a lot of you reading this are thinking, is this just another scam? Well that's what I thought too, and to be honest even if I read this I would still not be convinced! But I have had my psoriasis for over 20 years and the money I have spent on Doctors, Dermatologist, Creams etc I have already wasted so much money, I decided to give this a go. I have met many people with psoriasis far worse than mine, but mine totally depressed me.

I am a social person, I love to dress up, my profession is a Beauty Therapist and I know all too well how YOU feel because that's how I felt. Your not able to be the person you used to be, or the person inside, because of sore looking flaky skin. I know there are people out there with things far worse than me, but this psoriasis was effecting my life, my confidence, my relationship with husband and my social relationships, basically it was stopping me being me. First let me tell you, these people at the clinic are so nice to deal with, and always at the end of a phone or an email. I contacted Lindsay through email, I was prepared to fly to Auckland (again in a way I wanted to make sure they were actually there!!) but he convinced me to try sending my photo's through first and if they can help from them it would save me the flight costs. So I did. Lindsay rang me said yes the photos were good and I had a telephone appointment with Shirley two days later. Shirley was very informative, and gave me a full plan verbally and written of what I would need and how to go about my treatment.

Now the routine added about half an hour every morning and evening to my day, the diet is really strict, but I do not lie here, when I tell you I noticed a difference in 1 week. The first week I could see how the redness was going, in two weeks no more new scales and the ones I had were so much less. Now this is really what you need to keep up the routine and the diet. After what I think was about 6 weeks I was beyond happy to say all the psoriasis I had,had gone from my scalp, my arms, my legs, my back and my face. All that is left is two wee patches on my hands and a little behind my ears (my ears is where it first appeared 20+ years ago!) Almost there!!! Now there are also added bonuses to this regime. I feel fantastic, far more energy, my confidence is certainly back, my husband apparently told Lindsay he has his wife back. Plus the weight loss on this diet is such a bonus!!!

One other thing, I have always suffered with headaches at least 3 a week. Interesting to see that since I have been on this diet I have only had 1 headache and to be honest I was painting in the sun with a large 10ltr paint pot under my nose the whole day! so thank you for that too! I am, as I said earlier a Beauty Therapist in Christchurch, I help people with their skin as a Therapist and advise them when they need medical or alternative treatment. I am thrilled to be able to spread the word about this fantastic treatment for psoriasis, and as Lindsay will confirm, I am spreading the word. Lindsay has already sent people to me, which I am more than happy to do, to show them my before photos and see me now, see that this is not a scam, it does work, it worked for me. Please if you are in Christchurch and are thinking if this is worth giving a go, please feel free to contact me, I would love for you to feel like I feel, happily normal.

Very best wishes Michelle Warburton
Gorgeous Nail & Beauty Lounge Christchurch NZ

* Michelle has offered herself as a verbal referee, if you would like to talk to Michelle about her experience, then e-mail us and we will forward you her contact details Feb 09


After living with psoriasis for 21 years, using light-ray treatment, steroid ointments and drugs, I am very pleased and amazed at how clear my skin is after only seven months using the Psoriasis and Skin Clinic treatments. I would be 95% clear now. My skin is much softer and does not tear or bruise like it used to due to using steroid ointments for too long My skin changed right from when I started the diet, then onto using the herbal tablets and ointments a few days later. All this was done over the telephone along with photos emailed to the clinic. With the help and encouragement from Shirley Cao, Lindsay Jarvis and the team at the Clinic, I feel I have control of the psoriasis and my life is much better for it. At this stage of the treatment I am taking the herbal tablets and using very little ointment and conditioner. Thank you all very much. I would recommend their treatments and diet to anyone with a skin condition they can help you with.

Yours faithfully
May 2010


To Whom it may concern,
With the onset of puberty Psoriasis appeared on my scalp. Treatment in the 1950s was somewhat limited; it consisted mainly of a clear lotion prescribed by my Doctor. The lotion was effective but it really just kept the condition under limited control. As the years went by the condition manifested itself further by appearing on my legs, chest and elbows. As any Psoriasis sufferer will know, a high degree of frustration in trying to treat the condition, badly affects one’s self esteem. It limits a person’s participation in physical sports and the wearing of shorts etc.

Always living in hope of a miracle cure or that the condition would go into remission, were straws that I clutched at for many years, however worse was to come. At the age of 68 I was being treated by a specialist for another condition. I was prescribed tablets which had a hugely adverse effect on my Psoriasis and my condition became almost intolerable. Some months ago I read in the local newspaper an advertisement by the Psoriasis & Skin Clinic under the headline “HAVE YOU TRIED EVERYTHING” – No-way I thought, after all these years one tends to become rather cynical!

But, always living in hope, I did contact the Clinic and underwent a course of treatment. With my 70th Birthday approaching I can say that for the first time in my life I’m free of the symptoms of Psoriasis - and have been for several months now! For anyone contemplating contacting the Clinic, I’d urge you not to hesitate – you will be delighted with the results and will definitely have a new lease of life. Personally I can’t thank them enough.

JA Regan
April 2010



I would just like to thank Shirley and the team at the skin clinic. I had a really rough time over the last year suffering chronic facial skin problems. It started about a year ago with seborreic dermatitis on my face and head but it got worse from there. Eventually my face went from super oily from the seb derm to so dry and red and burning and no dermatologist could work out why.

They were quick to give steroid treatment and coal tar, but it seemed to be making my skin and scalp worse – really reacting and burning, but the dermatologist said I needed a stronger strength steroid which you could imagine my frustration with this. Do they have no concept when I say that its actually burning my face and I physically can’t put it on!? Anyway she was baffled and couldn’t help. My condition was so chronic that I couldn’t wash my face, or put aqueous cream on, or put any moisturiser or sunscreen as it would burn my skin. No one could work out my problem and it was so debilitating and interfering with my every day life. I got allergy testing done, hair strand testing, went to an immunologist but nothing could be found that was wrong.

So I went to Shirley as a last resort. Well, in my fist appt she said it was rosacea causing the chronic dryness and flushing that I had on my face. I researched a bit about the condition that night and sure enough, it was the first time I saw the weird symptoms I was having actually made sense, the biggest one being hypersensitivity to sunlight and skin products. Well I tell you Shirley is a life saver. In two weeks I noticed a difference, and now, over two months into it, I have not had this kind of relief in over a year. I don’t think about my face anymore and it seems to have nearly completely cleared the condition. I can’t begin to thank Shirley enough. I do believe western doctors must take a more holistic approach as they seem to treat the symptoms and don’t care about underlying triggers.

Anyway, thank you again Shirley – you have made my life a whole lot easier. And you are very empathetic with patients also – you really care about helping them overcome these debilitating skin conditions. I hope this lasts!

Tanya S Auckland
April 2011 Thank You,


My son had beautiful hair and skin up until the age of 10. He is an intelligent and intense child and after experiencing a stressful year at school, created by one particular teacher, he started to develop Psoriasis . After visiting the doctor several times and trying out different creams, which in some instances made things worse, we finally visited a dermatologist. The mild steroid cream prescribed worked miracles at first, but the effect wore off and we were unhappy using this as a long term solution. My son’s condition continued to worsen and when it started to appear in his scalp, on his elbow and knees, he became conscious of his appearance as other children made comments.

We thought that we should investigate a more natural approach and started to look around for other solutions. My husband found the advertisement in the newspaper and after having read books and articles we decided to approach the Skin and Psoriasis Clinic. I always believed that we needed to take a holistic approach to this problem and the treatment offered by the clinic seemed to meet this need. Visiting the clinic was the beginning of the end for us. My son was fantastic and he followed the sensible diet very closely, applied the creams and took the medicine. Shirley said it would take 4 months to disappear which I thought seemed rather optimistic.

However, it was exactly 4 months later that his psoriasis disappeared. I had to refer to my diary to check that I wasn’t just imagining things, but Shirley was absolutely right! My son is now 99.9% free from the dreadful psoriasis he had last year. He has only one small patch under his arm which no one can see. I think the major trigger for my son was stress and that he will always need to keep this under control and look after his body throughout his life. My advice to him as he grows up will be to remember Shirley, sensible diet, sunshine, salt water and a stress free life. Thank you Shirley and your team for giving him back his beautiful skin.

Andrea Whangaparaoa.
Nov 09



At a young age of 12-years old I had a very itchy scalp. It was driving me around the bend. Going back to the Doctor lost the count on how many times, but always getting the same answer it's Psoriasis but there is no cure and using harsh creams that just relieved the itching but did no good and going back to other referrable clinics like a yoyo. Growing up it became worse spreading down my back on my palm of my hand, and around the back and front of knees. It’s the most uncomfortable feeling I ever had and I keep asking myself why me. It makes you moody all you wont to do is to tear off your skin.

Just when I was about to give up HOPE after having psoriasis for 19years, I looked in the local paper and saw this advertisement DON’T LOSE HOPE. I said no way, this cant be true. How come no one told me about this Clinic.That Phone Call change my life. In the first two visits my Psoriasis was gone WOW WEE ! . I’m a more happier person and can feel water on my head after having lumps like concrete and no more itching and scratching. I THANK that ad in the newspaper and the very helpful people at the Psoriasis clinic. that changed my life.

Yours sincerely Marco Grainger
August 09


To whom it may concern,
I have had psoriasis for over 30 years & have tried just about every conventional treatment possible . Years ago I also tried a much stronger invasive drug which required liver function testing but after a few weeks on it I felt very uncomfortable about using it so I haven't tried the more extreme drugs which are now used for severe cases. I have worked with diets , UV light treatment with limited success, homeopathy , acupuncture & felt I had tried just about everything possible . Fortunately I saw the advertisement in the paper for the psoriasis clinic & to be honest I thought I had nothing to lose . I have been using the psoriasis clinic's products for nearly 2 months & am absolutely amazed by the results . My skin is over 85% clear which is just fantastic & I am so grateful for the incredible improvement. I am finding the tablets, herbal mixture & skin ointments , plus dietary recommendations manageable and I would wholeheartedly recommend the clinic for treatment to anyone who suffers from psoriasis .

Thank you very much .
K. Williams - June 09


To whom it may concern,
I came upon information about the Psoriasis and Skin Clinic when searching the net for something (‘please, please anything!’) that would make the patches of itchy, scaly, red skin I had been developing - on my elbows, lower legs and even on my face - go away. I had managed some smaller patches of this psoriasis on my lower legs for a number of years with the commonly prescribed cream from my dermatologist, but I was concerned that I seemed to need it more and more and it seemed less and less effective. (which, I understand, is indeed what often happens with the long term use of steroidal treatments)

So I thought I would give the treatment offered by the P and S Clinic a go. I was warmly received and my problem carefully considered (I used their ‘at distance’ service, which was great) and the treatment regime I was given seemed to me to be appropriate from the outset. It combined daily cleansing, and the application of a special ointment with a moisturising oil for my skin and as well changes to my diet and daily herbal preparations in tablet and liquid forms. I found that changes to my ‘patches’ occurred almost immediately and after regular daily care for a period thus far of about 12 weeks all areas of skin where I had obvious areas of psoriasis are almost completely clear. I am thrilled.

It hasn’t been hard to apply the topical preparations and make the changes either. I will be continuing to use the preparations to maintain clear skin and -well- the diet changes are great healthy ones too. Based on my experience, I thoroughly recommend the treatment offered by the Psoriasis and Skin Clinic to anyone worried about the itchy unpleasantness of psoriasis and its ‘less than pretty’ look. Not only have I found my skin is healthy and clear but I feel heaps better (and I have lost some excess weight too)

May 09


Hi my name is Lysha and I am 15 years old. I’ve had psoriasis since I was 5. It’s been really hard having psoriasis as it dictated how I did my hair and what I wore. I could never wear my hair up as there flakes all through it and it looked horrible, and I wasn’t able to wear halter tops or bikinis as I had psoriasis on my stomach and back. I have used many creams to try and get rid of it but none of them worked. I found out about the psoriasis clinic and thought that I might as well give it a go as I had nothing to loose and nothing else seemed to be working. I started on the program 2 months ago and the results have been amazing!!! When I first seen the diet that I had to follow I thought that there was no way I was going to be able to do it. It was really tough to begin with but once I found out all the foods that I could still eat it made it better…well sorta.

My psoriasis is almost fully cleared up and I am looking forward to summer I will finally be able to get that bikini. This diet has worked wonders for me and if you have psoriasis I would definitely recommend this diet to you, it may seem hard at first but don’t give up the results are well worth it in the end and I would choose this lifestyle of psoriasis any day!

 Thanks Alysha


To whom it may concern, I would recommend the Psorasis and Skin Clinic to anyone with Psoraisis. I had psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis for about 12 years before coming across a newspaper advertisement for the clinic. I had tried all kinds of treatments including conventional medicine and alternative therapies.

I had previously had some success with diet changes which got the joint pain under control but the skin treatments at best only ever provided temporary relief from symptoms. I was attracted to the approach of the Psoriasis and Skin clinic, especially the focus on combining diet and treatments so I decided to give it a try. I have been hugely impressed by the results. After just three months my skin is almost totally free of psoriasis and I have no joint pain.


Dec 2008


Hi, I got psoriasis two years ago and it was getting worse over time, I went to visit many doctors even in different countries and have been prescribed different medications. I almost gave up and was trying to hide the affected areas with make-up but the situation was frustrating and I was not able to wear any black shirt or dress as in 10 minutes it would be covered by all white scalpes. I tried to search in the net to find a NZ Dr to fix this, i found several medical places in the net advertising this in Auckland, it took me a week to study all these websites to make my own Judgement if these are again one of those medications which will work for one or 2 days with strong steroids and then get worse.

Finally i chose this clinic and went to see Dr.Shirley. I was surprised how deeply and carefully she explained the exact symptoms and the roots of the problem, and after a week following her instruction i started feeling improvements, but it took only 6 weeks to feel much better and now 3 months have passed and I can't even see any sign from all the psoriasis which I had on my legs, hands, back and ears and my scalp. But an important advise to anyone reading this; be sure that for good results you should combine Medication, Food Control and Exercise , otherwise you will be dissapointed. Now I belive Dr.Shirley, that you can't only fix the outside and your skin alone - you need to fix your eating and clean your inside as well,

Good Luck E.T Auckland,
Nov 2008


To the Psoriasis and Skin Clinic from Noel Hutchinson.

The attached letter recommending your approach to my particular skin problem is something I hope you can include in your list of satisfied customers. To whom it may concern, I have suffered for most of my adult life from a scalp and body condition, doctors call 'Seborrhoeaic dermatitis' where it takes the form of a thick crust over most of my scalp breaking out from time to time on my chest and back and face itching intensively.

Various medical men have prescibed a cocktail of coal tar ointments creams, shampoos combined with cortisone medications some of which eased the condition temporarily. One fellow threw his hands in the air explaining he had 'run out of ideas' and had nothing else he could prescribe and that it would get worse with age. I was then fortunate enough to contact the Psoriasis & Skin Clinic a few months ago after their advertisement caught my eye. What a stroke of luck. Now after a course of their natural medications,....body gel, and cream with vitamin supplements and change of diet, my condition has improved to such a degree the scalp crust has disappeared and the inflamation is going by the day. I am not a young man but after years of embarrassment and despair my life has changed. Thank-you Psoriasis & Skin Clinic...I salute you.

Noel Hutchinson
Nov 08


Dear Dr Shirley,
I just wanted to write and tell you why I have not been back to see you at the Psoriasis Clinc again since my last visit several months back. When i came to the Psoriasis Clinic I had explored all avenues and tried every cream and lotion prescribed which didn't really do much to help me. My skin was just getting worse and worse and I came to you expecting some kind of miracle. Well after three months of cream, shower gel, tablets and medicine I found my miracle. I am completely 100% psoarisis free. Even my scaly elbows which i have had for the better part of 20 years (and i'm only 38) are completely clear. I just wanted to thank you so much for everything. I have recommended your clinic to lots of people and I only hope they have the same success I did. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Jo Christini
Sept 08


To whom it may concern,

I am 61 years old and was first diagnosed with psoriasis when I was 14. I feel as if it has been a constant battle for all these years to find something that would help keep it under control. I have spent a lot of time and money trying to find something that would work. Some treatments have had short term success, but it was only through constant research on the internet that led me on the path to finding something that really does work. About four months ago I was in a really bad state, I was experiencing a flare up and it was just a few weeks before setting out on holiday to Portugal, which meant swimming and spending time on the beach. Fellow sufferers will know just what I was feeling!!

Anyway I logged on to a site called "Grownups" and found that there was a discussion section on Psoriasis. It was the best thing I ever did. Through one of the messages posted on the site I learnt about the Psoriasis and Skin Clinic in Auckland. By the time I was due to leave on my holiday my skin was almost totally clear, and I have some great photos on the beach in my togs playing with my grandchildren. I have learnt so much and feel that I have the power now to have control over my psoriasis, instead of it controlling my life, which it has always done in the past. If you are looking for something that will work, contact the Clinic.

Forever grateful,
Mae Rapley,
Hastings Sept 08


 To whom it may concern,
I have had psoriasis now for over 4 years and have tried everything without much success. Over the years, my psoriasis started to get more and more serious. I went to a number of dermatologists and they prescribed me with their various ointments and treatments. However, I did not find any success with these treatments. The patches became worse and were all over my body, including in my hair and my forehead. This was really frustrating and annoying as the skin would continuously flake. I found that my psoriasis became worse during winter time. After giving every possible thing a go and with no success, one day a friend of mine, recommended to a book called “Natural Alternative to Psoriasis by Dr Pagano”. The book aims at taking an alternative approach and looks at changing food habits and what could be avoided that aggravates psoriasis. I did this diet and found improvements in my psoriasis. However, the process is very slow but did help quite a bit. After few months, my husband looked at an advertisement in the paper that a clinic was going to soon open in Auckland that is going to help cure psoriasis. Initially, I really did not even consider going and spending more money as nothing really had worked so far (expect my diet control that I did by reading a book). However, my husband was a lot more optimistic than I was and decided that since we have tried everything possible under the sun why not go and give this a go. I can truly say that this has been the best decision so far. My husband was very pro active and took an appointment for me and we went there the first day the clinic opened in Auckland (If I am not mistaken I was also the first patient on that day). Dr Shirley was more than patient, understanding and also very helpful. The diet control was also recommended by Dr Shirley and the natural creams, ointments, syrup and pills were really helpful. I found that within months most of my patches had disappeared and my skin was really coming back to being normal. I was stoked with the results and could not have been more than overjoyed with the prompt results. To conclude, I am very pleased that a clinic is opened in Auckland and that I had an opportunity to go and cure my psoriasis. I would highly recommend anyone to go and give this place a go for their psoriasis treatment (instead of spending money with other skin specialist that do not give any results). I therefore, take this opportunity to thank Dr Shirley and her team at the Psoriasis clinic for helping me. Also sincere thanks to Dr Tirant for undertaking research for years to find a cure for psoriasis. At least I will no longer have the world of “Dermatologist Specialist doctors” and other people telling me that PSORIASIS IS NOT CURABLE.

Thanks once again.
D G. Auckland,
New Zealand July 2008


Dear Psoriasis & Skin Clinic,
I had psoriasis for nearly 9 years. For the first 5 years I tried doctors and skin specialists who prescribed steriod creams and dithranol. Nothing worked. I spend hundreds of dollars on alternative therapies. I also tried aromatherapy creams, etc, etc. I went on a special liver cleansing diet.. That didn't work either. Then I just gave up trying and I had to cover my arms and legs - even during summer time when everyone else was enjoying the warm summer air. My self confidence and social life suffered as I did not feel much like going out or even to go swimming with my children. My skin is now clear thanks to your product!! Thank you for giving me my life back.

Noeline Marks
July 2008


To whom it may concern,
I first discovered I had PSORIASIS about 4 to 5 years ago. I had one small patch on an elbow. After time I started to get it on my other elbow then on my knee’s. This is when I first went to the Doctor to get some help and was shocked to be told that there was no cure for it and that I would more than likely have it for the rest of my life. I was given some cream and sent away. Well the cream didn’t help and my psoriasis continued to get worse as I continued to go back to the Doctor to be given different creams and ointments but still nothing would help. I then went to a specialist to be given another topical treatment to try and again told that it could not be cured and I would just have to manage it as best as I could. By this time I had it all over me, on my arms, legs, back, stomach , ears and a small amount on my scalp. I was sick to death of the continual scales that where all over me and was now at the stage that I was getting embarrassed about how it looked. Out of the blue I saw an advertisement in the local paper about a new Psoriasis Clinic opening in Auckland and thought that it was probably another one of these haves that would take your money and give you some witches brew that wouldn’t work. I was so desperate that I went along thinking that I had nothing to lose other than some money. Well what luck it was that I saw that advertisement as I have been on their treatment for approximately 3 to 4 months now and although in the beginning I thought the diet and treatment was so rigid that I would not be able to follow it I have been surprised by the quick results which have in turn given me the determination necessary to continue on with the treatment and have been able to relax and modify my diet regime. My scaley patches have gone, I can’t believe how clear and psoriasis free my skin is. Thank you Dr Shirley and the team at the Psoriasis Clinic and I would like to say to anyone with this condition to give it a go you have nothing to lose and probably a lot to gain.

C R Auckland
July 08